My Classroom

This past summer our school began construction.  It's a year long process and will not be finished until the start of the 2015-16 school year.  The Kindergarten classrooms were the first to be done last summer and were supposed to be done before the start of school this year.
But in construction, things don't always go as planned...

This was my classroom in late July!

Here is what I walked into just 1 week before the start of was supposed to be finished.

I spent that entire week, unpacking boxes and attempting to set up.  Meanwhile, construction continued around me.

The Saturday night before school started, I was as done as I was going to be.  There was still so much to do but I had simply run out of time.

Although the start to the year was difficult, I have slowly settled in, put things away, and decorated some.  There will be more work done this summer to finish what they didn't have time for last summer.  I will be really happy when it's all done!

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