No Worksheet Wednesday

Today I am linking up with The Primary Chalkboard for No Worksheet Wednesday.  
Last year, I bought a box of these Reusable Dry Erase Pockets on Amazon.  In an attempt to save paper, we have slowly been transitioning to using these instead of making copies for all students to record their work.  At first, I had inner struggle about not sending home work for the parents to see what we were doing in class.  But as a parent of a 2nd grader, I realized that what I do with most of my daughter's worksheets (recycle them the minute we empty out her backpack!, right after telling her what a good job she did, of course) is probably what most parents do.  I figure that the parents get plenty of information through my newsletters and photos that I didn't need to send these things home just for them.  

In math, we are working really hard on addition.  Each week, the students work at 4 different math stations.  We are working using different strategies to solve addition problems.  
Here's what we did today:

Addition with 10 Frames and Rainbow Tiles
(Find it here)

Addition with Dominos 
(A freebie from Khrys at Keepin' It Kool In Kinderland.  Get it here.)

 Number Line Frog App on the iPad

Ancient Addition
(Recording sheet from Khrys & dino cards from Mr. Greg. )

I really love that I don't have to make a zillion copies of everything and that I'm not sending home tons of paper for families to have to sift through!  The best part...I have all the copies I will need for next year so NO prep!

Now go check out The Primary Chalkboard and see who else linked up!

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  1. Hey! I linked up after you, and wanted to come check your post out! I use dry erase pockets ALL THE TIME! We put old worksheets in there, task cards, Scholastic Magazines, released test articles the works!


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