Two Truths and a Lie REVEALED!

How much fun has this first installment of Tell all Tuesday been!?!  A BIG thank you to Jayme and Diana for getting the summer started off right.

On Tuesday, I gave you 3 'facts' about me...did you figure out which one is the lie???

The lie is number
"I love to go camping!  As a kid, we went camping often and now as a mommy, my husband and I are carrying on this tradition with our own children."

LIE!  Camping!  Ugh...I'm a city girl through and through.  Camping is NOT my favorite activity.  But I do it, for my husband and my girls.  They LOVE it.  The things we do for love and our children!

As for numbers 2 and 3...
"My first job was making sandwiches for a summer baseball camp.  Each day we bagged lunches for up to 150 kids."

TRUTH!  My dad and his bestie started a summer baseball camp for kids and gave us all jobs!  We would hang out all day, bag lunches for the kids, serve snack and drinks in the afternoon.  The camp is now in its 28th year!

"I was a competitive gymnast."

TRUTH!  I started gymnastics at the age of 6 and began competing at age 7.  I went on to coach gymnastics and ran the tot program and was co-head coach of the competitive girls team.  Clearly, working with kids and teaching has been a part of my life for a long time!

So there you have it!  I can't wait to link up again next week.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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