October Currently

Yay!  October is here!  I love October...for many reasons. :)  And with October brings Farley's Currently.  So here goes...

Listening:  I am SO happy that #TGIT is back!  It keeps me up late on a school night but it's totally worth it.  I've watched Grey's since the beginning and I look forward to it each week.

Loving:  October is my favorite month for many reasons.  Fall, chilly days, pretty colors, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin everything!  Oh, and it's also my birthday month.  :)

Thinking:  My sister and her family moved across the country back in June and I miss them like crazy.  We talk and text often but it's not quite the same.  I'm trying to save enough to fly out to see her soon.  I need my phone to cha-ching more often!

Wanting:  My family is healthy...life is good.

Needing:  We are headed to a super fun Halloween wedding at the end of the month!  I'm in need of a classy yet really fun costume.  Any ideas?

Boo-tiful:  My children are so happy in school this year.  Their joy is my boo-tiful!

Now it's your turn!  Head over to Farley's blog to see what others are up to Currently and link up!


  1. October is my favorite month too! I'm so glad it's fall. I have no idea what you should wear to the wedding, but I think that's a really cool wedding theme! Also, I'm so glad your kids love school....heart warming!

    The Craft of Teaching

  2. I think you'd look stunning in Great Gatsby costume. Enjoy!

  3. My sister lives across the country too! It's hard being so far apart. Hopefully your phone will cha-ching more in October, so you can save up to see her!!!

  4. Love October, too! Your blog is so fun, I'm glad I found it through Currently :) I see you're a city-dweller, too. Is it NYC? Do you teach inner-city? Sorry for all the questions - I'm just excited to find other teachers in urban schools! Have a fabulous Friday! Jen

  5. Hi Andrea,
    I love October too. Everything pumpkin! Yum! I just made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins yesterday. My son loves school this year too. It's so heartwarming to see. Have a great weekend!
    Joya :)

  6. I LOVE the idea of a Halloween wedding!Do your girls have any suggestions for your costume? I love the ideas my students come up with! ;)


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