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I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week's Five for Friday!  
Spring has definitely sprung this week!  We were back at it and spring break feels like a distant memory.  We started our unit on Insects and my kinders couldn't be more excited!

We did these great directed drawings and the kids labeled the parts of the insect.  I led them through the basic insect shape and then they could decide to add wings, a mouth, and other details.  They each turned out so different and wonderful all at the same time.


We have an amazing outdoor educator at our school.  For our garden lesson this week, she brought in food from the garden for the kids to build edible insects!  The kids were super engaged and wanted to show off their insect creations.  They got to talk with partners in their small groups to describe what they created and named the parts of their insects.  We then drizzled honey over the top so they could eat their hard work! 

After looking at the work of Eric Carle, we made these insects inspired by the famous author/illustrator!  My good friend Molly over at Lucky to Be in First has a fabulous tutorial on how to prep the paper to make your own Eric Carle inspired artwork.

We are wrapping up a unit on addition this week and of course all of our math activities were insect themed!  I took a little help from some of my bloggy friends for our Math Stations.  The activities are from 
Caitlin Clabby (Kindergarten Smiles
The activities came from these units:
find it here
find it here
find it here

Baseball Season started.  'Nuff said.

Head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to see what everyone else has been up to this week!


  1. Your insect activities are adorable! I particularly love the edible ones. :) I'm going to have to try and adapt some of these ideas for my preschoolers and toddlers. Thanks for sharing!
    Joya :)

  2. I love your edible insects! The outdoor educator sounds amazing, I would love to have a garden at school. There must be so many learning opportunities with that! I hope you have a great weekend, thanks for sharing!

    Teach Talk Inspire

  3. You have crammed a TON into your week! Happy Friday {and ALMOST Opening Day} my friend!!!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

  4. Oh I love every single thing about your insect unit! Looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing! :)


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