What's on your Teacher Wish List?

Today I'm linking up with Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade for her Teacher Wish List Linky!

I have been eyeing this printer for a while now.  I do have access to a color printer at school and that is great...when it works and has ink!  It would be so great to have a reliable printer that works on a regular basis.

I have had my iPads for 3 years now and the cases have seen better days.  I'd love to get something a bit more rugged to withstand the Kinder "love" they endure daily.  I was thinking something like this...in orange of course!

Magnatiles!  My kiddos love to build and create.  These would be a great addition to our manipulatives.  Can you imagine the 3D shapes they could create!?!

I'd love to build my own Sensory Tool Kit.  Over the years, I have more and more students who would benefit from having these tools readily accessible in the classroom.  Although this kit is a pipe dream, I think I could create one for myself.

What would be on your wishlist?
Head over to Megan's blog to check out what others have on their lists.

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  1. Hi and thanks for linking up! That break box looks amazing!!!!!


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